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Tracking, Obedience & Protection

GSSCC IGP National Championship

The concept of Schutzhund evolved over 100 years ago in Europe when concerned dog owners set up a training and testing program for privately owned working dogs. The first Schuzhund Trial was held in 1901.  The intent of these trials was to emphasize and evaluate the correct working temperament and working ability of the breed.  The dogs and handlers enjoyed working as a team in the three categories of the Schutzhund ("protection dog") program: Tracking, Obedience, and Protection.

Today the exercises have changed slightly and, depending on the Schutzhund degree, consist of the following:

Tracking: The dog must retrace the path of a person (400-1500+ yards with 2-4 turns) after 20-60 minutes have elapsed and be able to find 2-3 lost articles, regardless of weather conditions.

Obedience: The dog must follow the handler's orders to heel both on and off leash, jump, retrieve, retrieve over a 6 foot wall, and send away. The dog must not be intimidated by any distractions, including the sound of a gun or a group of strangers milling about.

Protection and Obedience under a Conflict Situation: The dog must, without handler assistance, respond properly in critical situations like finding and warning its handler of a hidden person, preventing an assault on his handler, and stopping the villain from escaping. The dog must distinguish between a harmless bystander and a potentially dangerous person. He must display courage but restraint on his own when the agitator gives up.

Sponsor a Trial Trophy

Included with the sponsorship of one of our IGP Trial Trophies is your name below, on the trophy sponsored, in our catalog and on display at the event itself.

IGP Trophy Sponsors

IGP 3, 2nd Place


IGP 3, 3rd Place


IGP 3, 4th Place


IGP 3, 5th Place


High Tracking


High Obedience


High Protection

Capital City Schutzhund Club

IGP 2, All Placements


IGP 1, All Placements


High Scoring Canadian Bred

DogSport Gear

National Team Challenge


Helper's Choice

DogSport Gear

3 Phases


Tracking will be on .........


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Blinds start on the left and sleeves provided by Dog Sport Gear.